Founded in 2008, Longtu Game is dedicated to the development and distribution of Web and mobile games in and out of China.

Longtu has created hugely successful games such as QQ Jiu Xian, Legendary Dota and Sharpshooter.

QQ Jiu Xian was one of the Top 10 Most Popular Web Games in 2012 and still attracts nearly 200,000 daily active users.

Legendary Dota, a mobile card game launched at the beginning of 2014, remains one of the most popular mobile games of the year.

Sharpshooter, the first 3D FPS web game in the world, also became the first FPS game on QQ.

Longtu Game’s dream is to become the World’s leading gaming company. We are keen to welcome new partners to join us in making this dream become a reality.